White Hat Link Building in Gambling: Case Studies

The following article has been written to discuss and answer key issues addressing link building in competitive industries such as gambling and binary options. White Hat Link Building In Tough Niches: Gambling Industry Case Study Understanding the Main Issues: Up until now, link building has been central to a strong SEO campaign. And for most in-house SEOs and agencies, the main strategies behind link building is guest posting – because […]

10 Tips for Effective Infographic Outreach and Execution

At Searchable.co.uk, we plan, create and do outreach for own infographics and on behalf of clients (you can also see our prices for infographics here). However, unlike blog posts or PR stories, the primary aim of an infographic is to be shared and re-published by other websites.  As such, the strategy for doing successful outreach and marketing for infographics is slightly different. 10 Tips for Successful Infographic Creation and Outreach in […]

Searchable’s Guide to Launching your First PPC Campaign!

PPC: Everything you Need to Know (& more) I’ve been playing around with pay per click marketing on and off for around five years now. Some might say I’m still a little wet behind the ears, others will be dying to hear about my experience. PPC is probably my favourite traffic source (although I rarely turn down any kind of traffic, especially if it’s free!) – so in this article […]

What On-page Signals Can Google Use to Detect High Quality Content?

Google’s Panda algorithms seem to be catching up faster then ever when it comes to sourcing good content. I know a lot of SEOs will cry “Bullshit!” after reading this (especially in markets where there’s nothing but spam ranking), but I swear I’m seeing more authority websites and higher quality pages with certain characteristics ranking better in the search results. List of Signals Google can use to Evaluate the Quality […]

How Successful will New gTLDs Be?

How Successful will New gTLDs Be?  Predicting Registration Numbers, Success and Revenues The following is an opinion piece and based on my views of the new top-level domain program. ICANN is currently rolling out the first of the new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) out of a total of 1900, which will be launched over the next 12 months In this article, I want to evaluate the likely success of […]

How can Surveys and PR be used in an SEO Campaign?

Although many of the cheaper press release distribution sites such as PRNewswire.com and PRWeb.org have a bad name when it comes to SEO, creating and distributing interesting legitimate press releases are still an excellent way for getting exposure and links from the media. In this article, I want to explain how a professional and legitimate press release can help you get national media coverage, traffic and value. What’s the Difference […]

How to Transfer a WordPress Site for Beginners

Transferring a wordpess site is a fairly simple process that shouldn’t really take longer then 20 minutes to complete.  However, I also know transferring sites for beginners can be a massive pain in the a***. In this guide, I want to give a fairly straightforward account of how to transfer a WP site at a new host. 1.    Download the FTP Files and MySQL Database The first things you need […]

How to Do Outreach in SEO

Tips for Doing Email and Social Media Outreach for SEO 2013 Google’s own Matt Cutts and other prominent figures in the industry all tell you that you should focus on producing great content in order to get better search engine rankings and traffic.  However, what most people forget to mention is that you also need great promotion, PR and outreach. How to do Personalised Outreach to Increase your Website Traffic  […]

How Will New gTLDs Achieve Success? Interview with Jennifer Wolfe

In this interview, I speak to Jennifer Wolfe, Managing Director of WolfeDomain.com, one of the leading digital brand advisory firms for new gTLDs.   Wolfe has previously provided management consultancy and intellectual property strategy to leading Fortune 500 companies.   Wolfe has also written two books, Domain Names Rewired (which predicts trends in the next generation of the internet and new gTLDs) as well as Brands Rewired, which reached #35 in […]

How will the new gTLDs Affect SEO in 2013/14?

Later this year, hundreds of new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) will splurge there way onto the Internet, possibly making .com, .net and .org relics of the past. ICANN, the non-profit organization responsible for managing the global internet namespace, recently opened up the internet for new gTLDs, which could drastically change how consumers use and search the internet. By the end of 2013, classic gTLDs such as .com and .net could […]