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Get a Brand New, Affordable Infographic with less than a 2 Week Turnaround!

Infographics are one of the most popular forms of viral marketing on the Internet.  Unfortunately however, the majority of infographic agencies charge fortunes for their work. At however, we offer a range of infographic creation, design and submission services at reasonable prices.  Take a look below for the types of services and prices that we charge for more information.

Our Previous Work:

Choose your Package:

Beginners PackageFor inforgraphic design only

  • Bespoke Design
  • Up to 2 Drafts and Edits
  • Embed Code Ready
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Delivered in PDG, JPG and GIF format

Pro PackageInfographic Concept, Research and Design

  • Idea Conception and Brainstorming
  • Research, Statistics and Story for Infographic
  • Complete Infographic Design with up to 2 Edits
  • 2-week Turnaround for Entire Process
  • Delivered in PDG, JPG and GIF format

Advanced PackageInfographic creation, design and submission

  • Concept and Idea Brainstorming
  • Research, Statistics and Story for Infographic
  • Complete Infographic Design with up to 2 Edits
  • Submitted to up to 5 Infographic Websites
  • Personal Outreach Service

About these Prices:

Beginners Package: Infographic Design Only – £500

If you already know the concept of your infographic and have all the data points and information at hand, our expert design team can produce your infographic and deliver a first draft within a 1-week turnaround.  For £500, you’ll receive up to 2 drafts and 2 edits.

Standard Package: Infographic Concept, Research and Design – £1,000

If you’d like us to help you come up with a theme and concept for your infographic, as well as carry out the necessary research and design, we offer a conservative price of £1,000.  This package includes concept creation, research and design.

We’ll begin by brainstorming a few concepts and ideas for your brand.  Once you’re happy with an idea, we’ll carry out the necessary research for the information in the infographic.  Once you’re happy with this stage, we’ll get our design team to complete the infographic and send it over to your with our standard offer of up to 2 drafts and 2 edits.

Our typical turnaround for the Standard Package is two weeks.  This includes one week to brainstorm ideas and carry out the necessary research and approval, and then another week for the design.

Optional Extra: Infographic Submission and Outreach – £250

For an extra £250, we’ll also submit your infographic to a minimum of five of the best infographic websites on the Internet.  This is guaranteed to get your infographic seen by more people.  You’ll also receive an additional 5 SEO-friendly backlinks for your website.

 What are the Advantages of Creating Infographics for your Brand?

From our experiences of creating and designing infographics for various brands, infographics are an excellent for generating: greater awareness and credibility for your brand; more backlinks for SEO; increased social shares and followers across your social pages; and finally infographics are a great way of delivering new survey results or data.

For example, when undertook a survey, which found that an increasing number of students were becoming entrepreneurs after University, we created an infographic that helped get more reach, traffic and publicity.  The infographic was subsequently shared and re-published on a number of authority sites in the same industry.  This helped generate more traffic, branding and backlinks for their own SEO.