Project Description Review is one of the best educational and news portals dedicated for binary options trading. The website covers various topics ranging from basic-level binary options education to advanced options strategies and routine binary options industry events to binary option brokers reviews. In this review, we are going to take a look on various aspects of this website.

Binary Options Instruments

This section of is dedicated for sharing different binary options instruments. The word ‘instrument’ is usually interchangeable with ‘strategy’. On, an instrument refers to, for example, a binary call option, a binary put option, a tunnel option, a double no touch, etc. Technical analysis and other similar content are also termed as ‘strategy’ on the website.

The section covers all types of binary options instruments including European binaries, American binaries, knock-in binaries, knock-out binaries and two-asset binaries. For beginners, let us describe the difference between each of them.

Generally speaking there are two main types of binary options contracts and those are:

  • Binary options contracts that may be traded before or at a particular expiry time
  • Binary options contracts that may only be traded at a particular expiry time.

Binary options contracts that can only be executed at or after a particular expiry time are termed European options, whereas the options contracts that may be executed prior to and after expiry are termed as American options.

Normally American binary options contracts are referred to ‘One-Touch Calls’, ‘One-Touch Puts’ or ‘Double No Touch’ options. A barrier option that does not convert into another instrument have a Knock-in or Knock-out feature that can be considered as the simplest of ‘one-touch’/’no-touch’ binary options strategies. Zero interest rates and yields are assumed throughout the analysis unless otherwise stated.

Binary Options Greeks

There is a section on that covers binary options Greeks in detail. It includes the following;

  • Binary Call Option Delta
  • Binary Put Option Delta
  • Binary Call Option Gamma
  • Binary Put Option Gamma
  • Binary Call Option Theta
  • Binary Put Option Theta
  • Binary Call Option Vega
  • Binary Put Option Vega

For novice traders, let us first explain what exactly are the binary options Greeks. Binary options Greeks are basically the Greek alphabet letters that are used to represent the sensitivity, generally of the options price, to a change in one of the inputs. The pricing of options is one thing – but once a position has been executed then options risk analysis needs to be done very carefully, especially so if the position is likely to be closed ahead of the expiry time.

Trading Tools

There is another section on namely Trading Tools. It includes following sub-sections;

  • Technical Analysis
  • Live Commodity Prices
  • Market Commentary

Technical analysis part is further divided into chart analysis and oscillators. These sections are dedicated for sharing unique binary options trading analysis and live market updates. The analysis is written by seasoned binary options traders. This part of the website allows visitors of to be updated with latest fundamental events and technical forecasts.

Brokers Reviews

Choosing a binary options broker can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, but equipped with the information available on the brokers’ review section of, traders can separate good binary options brokers from the bad ones. They can also make informed decisions and narrow the selection down to a manageable number of brokers.

The website also provides a recommended binary options brokers table that offers insights on brokers that are regulated and have made efforts to gain credibility. The website does not recommend unregulated brokers particularly the Tel Aviv-based brokers.


The news section at is dedicated for industry related news. The section covers news about brokers, regulators and platform providers.

Conclusion is a great binary trading portal that offers useful resources on basic binary options education, brokers’ reviews, options strategies and routine market commentary.

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