Content Management and PR Writing Services

For years people have been saying that “content is king” and now, more than ever, this is the case.

1.  There are a number of reasons why having a large quantity of high quality, original content on your website is important:Search Engine Reputation.  A thin website with very few pages of content is not likely to be held in as high regard as a feature packed site with an array of well written articles.  The more work that is seen to have been put into a site, the more authoritative a search engine is likely to consider it and the higher it will probably appear in the search rankings.

Also, websites that are regularly updated with new articles are ‘crawled’ by search engines more often and are therefore more likely to be considered fresh and relevant by them.  Again, this can mean higher rankings.

2.  More traffic.  The more content you have on your site, the more often you can expect to appear in Google.

3.  Keyword Strategy.  By using tools like Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool, SERP IQ, Adtracker and others, it is possible to see what people are searching for.  By providing content that caters for these searches, you can better target individual keywords.

How can We Help?

Searchable has a team of writers to help develop your website into a content behemoth adding value on a number of different levels.  Our rates are very competitive and are dependent upon volume and whether you want standard or editorial quality.  Get in touch today to discuss your requirement.