Choosing a brandable domain for your business is at the centre of internet marketing.  If you’re planning to spend thousands of pounds on a new marketing campaign than surely you want to choose a short, suitable domain which will help target your end-users.

In the past, many companies have spent millions of pounds investing in short, premium domains such as,,, and more.  Keyword domains (also known as EMDs – Exact Match Domains) also help with SEO and PPC campaigns too.

How Does a Premium Domain Help you with Internet Marketing?

SEO.  One of the biggest factors which has helped sites rank top of the search engines over the last few years has been a keyword domain (i.e. a domain with your keywords in it).  By investing in an EMD domain for your business, you’ll not only improve your SEO campaign but you’ll also received increases CTR% (Click Through Rate) from users recognising your site as relevant to their search.

PPC.  Like the above, EMDs will receive a higher CTR% in any PPC campaign, which in turn will lower your CPC (Cost Per Click), improve your ad quality score in Google Adwords and thus improve your ads visibility.

Tangible Investments.  Premium domains can be an excellent acquisition for your company.  Almost all premium and .com domains will increase in value over time, providing a great, cost-effective addition to your company.  You can see some of the world’s most expensive domains bought here.

Sell-On Value of your Company.  Generic, keyword domains such as or make it much more attractive someone to buy your business.  This is in contrast to launching a brandable website such as, which is harder for someone else to take over and market.

Some of the domains we have for sale:

Domain Name


Minimum Offer Misc £5,000 Misc £750 Misc £500 Misc £750 Security £50 Finance £10,000 Finance £12,500 Insurance £2,000 Recycling £300 Fashion £400 Gambling £5,000 Gambling £3,000 Gambling £100 Gambling £1,000