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Domain Brokerage Services 2013

Choosing the right domain for your business is one of the most important things in your marketing strategy.  Lots of companies have invested millions of pounds on domains in the past, some to great success and others to complete failure.

Amazon for example, bought to provide audio book services to customers in the UK.  Similarly, Mum Network Ltd, which has grown to become one of the leading mother networks in the UK, invested their money wisely in domains to help their company grow, including,, and

On the other hand, companies such as learned the lesson the hard way after spending $500,000 moving their site to only to realize they were losing 61% traffic to and revert back to!

Which Domain should you choose for your Business?

In an ideal world, you’d either have a very brandable .com/ or a premium “category killer” domain for your industry, search as or

We’ve personally built a successful business from developing premium domains such as and  Not only do premium, category killer domains look good in marketing and make your brand easy to remember, but they also help you build trust with users, add value to your business and bring advertisers and other unique opportunities to your site.

That being said, a premium domain isn’t always on the cards, especially if you don’t have a large budget.

Our preference for buying a domain for your business goes something like this:

1) – If you operate the UK then we recommend buying a domain with a extension.  This tells customers you operate in the UK and will help them recognize your brand online.  For example, if your business is called Dore Car Services then we recommend getting something like

2)   .com – If the is taken and you can’t find any other suitable UK domains then it’s perfectly find to use a .com extension too.  This is the most popular gTLD (generic top level domain) in the world with over 100 million users.  Even UK companies such as and use this.  The downside is that it’s not specifically targeted towards UK market.

3)   .net – We try to avoid using alternative gTLDs such as .net or .org since they are less intuitive to the UK public, however in a lase case scenario we can recommend using .net.  There’s nothing wrong with it in itself, however it can lead to traffic leakage to the or .com.

Negotiating and Brokering the Sale of Premium Domains

At we have tons of experience buying and selling domains for deals in excess of £xxx,xxx.  We also have some very useful contacts in the end-user and secondary domain space industry.  In other words, we can create a very accurate value for your domain and help you buy, sell and provide negotiating services.

Past domains that we’ve bought and sold include,,,, and  We’ve also been called up to provide valuation assistance and marketing strategy for domains in excess of £1 million.

To add a bit of credibility, we’ve also written about changes in the domain name industry for the Guardian, Huffington Post and Business2Community.