Professional SEO Audit for your Website!

Over the last 2-3 years, Google has made significant changes to its search engine algorithm that may have noticeably impacted traffic to your website. If you feel your website has suffered in its Google rankings or you’d like to see how you can improve organic traffic, please take a look at the package below.

Order your Comprehensive SEO Audit Now - Only £300!  (3-Day Turnaround)

Our professional SEO Audit will provide a comprehensive analysis on the performance of your website including technical SEO, internal site structure, keyword and competition analysis, backlink analysis and more.


What’s Included in your SEO Report?

  • On-Page Technical Report
  • Comprehensive Content Analysis
  • Off-Page Analysis
  • Summary and How to Improve your SEO
  • Plus 1 Hour Consultation on Skype or Phone

Why is it So Important to Get an Up To Date SEO Audit in 2014?

Even if you hired a professional SEO agency years ago, numerous practices have changed since then.

Given the recent changes to Google’s algorithm, it is strongly recommended that you get a fresh SEO audit of your website, especially if you noticed a significant drop in organic traffic in the past 12-24 months.

For example, Google replaced their original search engine algorithm towards the end of 2013 with a new algorithm called Google Hummingbird. Google also began giving more weight to on-page factors (e.g. user experience, website load speed, mobile responsiveness and more) by baking in their Panda update into the algorithm on a weekly basis.

Many webmasters have actually been hit by some of Google’s recent updates, without knowing it.  This means by correcting technical aspects and coding of your website, you could increase organic traffic and revenues within a matter of weeks.

Furthermore, mobile now makes up an estimated 30% of Internet traffic. As early as 2011, Google announced that your mobile site’s structure plays a role in their core algorithm.  If your website fails to adequately serve mobile users with a responsive design, this could also be hurting your SEO.

What does our SEO Audit Package Include?

Our SEO audit provides a comprehensive analysis and full report on status of your website SEO.

The full report is 2-3 pages long and includes a conclusion on what (if any) improvements you can make to your website, how these changes can make a positive impact to your traffic and where you’re falling behind your competitors.

We look at dozens of factors that could be negatively impacting your site’s organic rankings such as crawl errors, broken links, internal link structure, page loading speed, content quality, HTML markup and more.

SEO Factors Analyzed in our Audit:

  1. Search Engine Crawler Accessibility
  2. XML Sitemap
  3. Internal Site Architecture
  4. Broken Links
  5. 404 Errors (webmaster tools)
  6. User Experience and Bounce Rate
  7. Titles and Descriptions
  8. Internal Link Graph
  9. Weed out Low Quality Pages
  10. Off-Page Ranking Signals
  11. Backlink Report
  12. Competition Analysis
  13. Keyword Analysis and Performance
  14. Google Algorithm Update and Traffic History
  15. Website Load Speed
  16. Page Load Speed
  17. Mobile Responsiveness
  18. Content Quality
  19. Duplicate Content and Page Titles
  20. Plugins Performance
  21. HTML Optimization
  22. Image Optimization
  23. 301 Redirects
  24. Google Authorship
  25. Business Places Listing
  26. Local SEO
  27. And more…

Although many of these factors might seem simple, we rarely uncover SEO audit for a client where we couldn’t find major areas they could improve on.

For example, once we did a report for a client and found that his overall website load speed more than 3x slower than his competitors.  This was mainly because of the cheap, Godaddy shared hosting plan a that they were using.  After analyzing his Webmaster tools account, we found Google bot repeatedly had issues crawling and visiting his website. This more than likely led to downgrade in the Panda algorithm and worse rankings. We’ve since recommended he move his website to his own VPS which has reduced his overall website load speed from 5s to less than 2s.

In another report, we found a site with hundreds of 404 errors and broken links that were not only hurting the user experience but also preventing Google from crawling and indexing new pages on the site.

The most common issue we found with sites however, even if the content is great, is a very poor internal linking structure.  This means a lack of authority flow to the most important pages and keywords on your site, missing out on thousands of extra visitors per month. By analyzing your internal link structure, we can make very important recommendations on how to increase traffic to your most popular or highest conversion pages.

How Much does the SEO Audit Cost?

Our SEO audit costs only £300 and includes a 2-3 page comprehensive report on the status on your website.  We’ll also talk you over the key issues of your website by phone, Skype or through email.

Your 2-3 page report includes:

  • Overall Assessment of your Website’s SEO
  • Major and Mini Issues that Need Fixing
  • Recommendations and Advice on How to Move Forward and Increase Traffic with your SEO

Who Completes the Audit?

adamgrunwergThe SEO audit will be completed by Adam Grunwerg, a recognised professional marketer and Managing Director of  Adam has more than 5 years experience working in the SEO industry and has contributed to,, IGB Affiliate Magazine and more.

Adam also has extensive experience running SEO campaigns on iGaming, where he was selected as a judge for the iGaming Affiliate Awards 2013 and is now speaking at the Financial Parters Expo 2014.