White Hat Link Building in Gambling: Case Studies

The following article has been written to discuss and answer key issues addressing link building in competitive industries such as gambling and binary options.

White Hat Link Building In Tough Niches: Gambling Industry Case Study

Understanding the Main Issues:

Up until now, link building has been central to a strong SEO campaign. And for most in-house SEOs and agencies, the main strategies behind link building is guest posting – because it’s the only strategy where an agency can offer guaranteed, measurable results.

However, since Matt Cutts slammed guest posting in January 2014, agencies and webmasters have had to completely change their psychology towards link building (in fact, I actually wrote about how Google would devalue guest posts way back in February 2012).

And because no one is going to link to you naturally in competitive industries such as gambling, porn and payday loans, it requires out of the box marketing campaigns in order to gain links.

Case Studies White Hat Link Building in Gambling: Linkable Assets, PR and White Papers

The fact is, it’s still possible to do white hat link building in competitive niches, however it requires out of the box thinking and creative strategies.

1656360_10152152827243070_1263094931_nFor example, I saw Sam Miranda give a talk at the LAC 2014 on how to gain links authoritative sites in the iGaming industry.

Sam’s presentation, which can be downloaded from the RightCasino.com website here, explained how he got links from authority news sites such as BleachersReport.com, GamaSutra.com, ListVerse.com, CalvinAyre.com and many more by providing professional journalism quality content.

Sam also explained his entire outreach process (which included providing links to his portfolio and CV and showing his credibility as a gaming journalist) as well as his creative thought process for preparing content in difficult industries.

For example, in sports betting he might discuss match fixing in Europe, for a casino site he produced a compelling list on the top gambling scenes in Hollywood film history, and for a roulette site he discussed the psychology of addiction and interviewed a well known professor on the subject.

In another case study, we can see how even small sites such as PocketWinnings.com produced an infographic on the growh of mobile gambling that was published and linked to by leading technology websites including CIOL.com, MGamingWatch.com, FierceMobileIT.com, TopTech4u.ru and more. It even received a link from its direct competitors CasinoMeister.com, such as was the quality of the information on hand.

If you’re not prepared to publish an infographic or hire a journalist for your outreach process, you can also engage in content marketing within the gaming industry through white papers, seminal reports and surveys. For example, OddsWinner.com published a new industry report that revealed how the UK’s mobile betting industry had grown by more than double in 2013.

The Outreach Process

The outreach process, which comes under the umbrella of PR, is probably where most affiliates struggle with these strategies. This is because even if you produce an interest infographic or white paper report, you still need to get it seen in front of the right people at the right time.

For example, this might include dedicating a week to contact journalists through websites such as Journalisted.com, MuckRack.com and HARO.com; finding authority bloggers by using tools including Topsy.com, Buzzsumo.com and SocialCrawlytics.com; and then sending out professional press releases to the public through ResponseSource.com, PRNewsWire.co.uk and other media database tools. You can read more about the outreach process and how to find authority authors in your industry on Moz.com here.

It’s only once you apply these methods and your content reaches the right people that it’ll get published on the national media or industry accredited news sites. This is when your own PR and link building campaigns start to show a positive ROI.

Conclusion on Link Building in Gambling

As you can see, successful link building in gambling is still possible, as shown by these very recent examples, however it needs to form part of a holistic strategy that includes professional website content, a dedicated outreach plan, relationship building and out of the box thinking. If you fail at any of these hurdles than you’re unlikely to have much success in this industry.

Adam Grunwerg

Mr grunwerg has written 22 post in this blog.

Adam Grunwerg is the founder of Searchable.co.uk and has numerous years of experience in SEO, inbound marketing developing brands online. He has also previously written for the Guardian, SearchEngineJournal and AffiliateFYI.com.

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    yes, gambling, porn sites are least likely to get links they are mostly considered spammers and are poorly trusted, that’s true, building links for such websites require out of the box approach

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      ya , that’s right i heard that gamblers and porn sites are banned in adwords,so no one from these two categories are welcomed in adwords,so as their link building is as difficult

  • Harira Ijaz

    the three types of industries are mostly discouraged by search engines , payday loan sites ,porn site,gambling sites, these are largest spamming industries ,their link building is also very difficult

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